NBA 2K22 Wishlist

NBA 2K22 Needed Features

Make The MyNBA Social Media Look More Realistic

Give Us The Option to add mouthpieces to players

Add Fan Whiteout Night To MyNBA and Play Now

Get rid of nicknames when creating a player in the create a player (not my career)

Add more hairstyles for create a player

Add Back Inside The NBA PreGame Show And Post Game Show

Add more player stats from recent games to the MyNBA bottom headlines... more »


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My player is a 96 spd point guard & whenever I break out on a fast break I wonder why he isn't running faster than anyone on the court. Even the opposing team's center keeps pace with me. Idk what you guys have to do to fix this but it's completely unacceptable that Marc Gasol can keep up with me on a fast break. Smh I'm so disappointed in this years game. I liked 2k11 a lot more.


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Improved team defense control

There must be a glitch in the game currently because when I set my defensive settings (double team: never, on-ball pressure: tight, off-ball pressure: deny ball, etc...) I always check back in a minute or two and it has automatically changed and often times when I notice the other team going on a huge run, I'll look at my defensive settings and they have automatically changed to sag off, or moderate. This is very frustrating!!!... more »


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technical fouls,ejections,fights

the game needs techs! have technical fouls, ejections, fights, suspensions


how to do it? here some options


>>> lil bit crazy personality players like artest and rasheed should be more likely to get one

>>> flagrent fouls

>>> us the user can get one from unsportsmanship stuff like rage tapping the start button, too much instant replaying

>>> argue the call


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More Realism for Fans

Need fans to have more interaction in the game. As a whole, they need do more like wave hands, have yelling animations, and get more excited when big plays happen.

Maybe the courtside fans can be more involved, kind of like a celebrity who jumps out their courtside seats and start complaining to the refs or yelling at the players. Maybe have those fans give players high fives when a timeout is called after a big play.... more »


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