Highlight Show

A highlight show similar to "Sportscenter" and the highlight show in "NFL 2K5" that recaps all the Nba action around the league and includes visual highlights of games.

The highlight show could recap action around the league including:
-Top 10 List for best dunks / plays / assists of the night / week / month / year. If you win the Finals, plays of the year for your team
-Game recaps and box scores
-All transactions,... more »


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Complete All Star Weekend in Arena Setting

All the events of ASW in an arena setting.

- All Star Game
- Rooks vs Sophmore Game
- Dunk Contest (add teammate participation)
- 3pt Contest
- D-League ASG
-Skills Challenge
-Shooting Stars
- Celebrity Game (Can use celebs already in 2k12 and past games, and Legends too)

... more »


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Owner Mode

An extension of association mode that gives full control of owning a franchise.

Things this mode can include:
-Team relocation
-An audio database with the top 100 cities so announcer's will say the full name (i.e. "Las Vegas Kings).
-Set prices for tickets, merchandise, parking, food, etc.
-Dynamic attendance revenue
-Team Editor to change team colors, logo, etc.
-Sign the GM, staff, and coaches
-Ability to sign retired... more »


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create your own head coach

-First you can play the games

-also you can sign a contract with a team and lead your team to the championship

-also you can make trades,hire your assistants and GM

-also you can coach national teams at the summer tournaments such as Olympic games

-also when your contract expires you can go to another team

-also you can control the morale of your players

-you can control the prize of the tickets

-you can create... more »


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GM/Manager mode

I believe in Association it must be a change.In 2k 12 you choose a team from the start and you can go to any team anytime you want.THIS IS NOT REAL.Also you do not have a ROLE in the team.I believe that you must have an IMPORTANT ROLE in the team so that YOU can lead your team to the championship. So i believe that you must be the GM and the HEAD COACH of a team.Those are the things that you can do if you... more »


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Fix Free Agency WTFs

Well I finished my first season of my player.

Jeremy Lin signs with the Raptors.
What? okay..

Chris Paul signs with the Bobcats.

FIX THIS. Make teams more likely to acquire star talent, like the Lakers or Celtics. Definitely not the Raptors. and absolutely NOT the Bobcats. Ridiculous.
Every season after one year of anything, Chris Paul signs with like the Cavaliers or the Bobcats. This WOULD NOT happen in... more »


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Association Mode: Classic

Personally I think it would be awesome to have an "Association Mode: Classic" starting off in 1987 or something like that; All the classic teams, all the classic players, all the classic future draft picks, classic courts, classic logos, classic jerseys, classic short-shorts; all the little and big things. Maybe this is too much to add to a normal 2bk release, but how about an expansion pack or something like that. I... more »


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Trade Logic

You should run trades by giving team goals such as:

Sellers: They will sell decent starting players to you for only first round picks. These teams would also look for young prospects as they would be trying to rebuild

Buyers: Teams that are trying to make the leap to contenders. They will trade young prospects to try and improve their team, and will look to trade their 1st round picks

Contenders: Teams that wont... more »


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Madden 12 copied a lot of ideas from NBA 2k11, so I'm going to take something that they had implemented in their franchise mode.

Drafted players are too predictable and top 5 picks never become busts, and 2nd rounders usually don't come close to starting. After drafting players, You should Have an estimated rating on what the player overall is, signalled with a "?" (83?). The more times you scout a player, the more... more »


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