My player is a 96 spd point guard & whenever I break out on a fast break I wonder why he isn't running faster than anyone on the court. Even the opposing team's center keeps pace with me. Idk what you guys have to do to fix this but it's completely unacceptable that Marc Gasol can keep up with me on a fast break. Smh I'm so disappointed in this years game. I liked 2k11 a lot more.


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Coaches Mic'd Up

During timeouts and maybe before games, have the coach give real-time, relevant, real-voice audio tips and advice to the players.
- Quick and varied coaching tips and one liners such as: "stay tight on Kobe, he's torching us up!" or "Be ready for the half court trap, they seem to be doing that a lot" or "Good job guys, keep it up."

- Have the advice be relevant to what's... more »


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More Realism for Fans

Need fans to have more interaction in the game. As a whole, they need do more like wave hands, have yelling animations, and get more excited when big plays happen.

Maybe the courtside fans can be more involved, kind of like a celebrity who jumps out their courtside seats and start complaining to the refs or yelling at the players. Maybe have those fans give players high fives when a timeout is called after a big play.... more »


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MYPLAYER SWAG IDEAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What you guys started with NBA 2K12 is GREAT! BUT, i think we need MORE excitement. If you think about it, about 90% of the NBA 2K gamers had "hoop dreams".. meaning at some point everyone wanted or wants to be an NBA player. So we need MYPLAYER to give us thAT feeling. We need more of a "hype" coming into the NBA.. when we come into a game and drop 30 points in our very first game, we need the announcers... more »


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MyPlayer Ideas and Suggestions

Voices: Every MyPlayer can't sound the same. Give us a variety of voices based on where you are from, your race, and age

Press Conferences: Add more questions and add more press conferences. Not just post game; but pre-game, on-court halftime interviews, and playoff press conferences

Wardrobe: Add a variety of suits and other styles of clothing like a jacket, some casual wear, or sporting wear like Nike undershirts... more »


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create your own head coach

-First you can play the games

-also you can sign a contract with a team and lead your team to the championship

-also you can make trades,hire your assistants and GM

-also you can coach national teams at the summer tournaments such as Olympic games

-also when your contract expires you can go to another team

-also you can control the morale of your players

-you can control the prize of the tickets

-you can create... more »


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commentators say names

instead of them same a player at a position, have them say our names or nicknames we choose. Also at halftime they never recognize you when your doing the best on the team. Also when you less the league i'm a category, its like you don't matter and they won't say you are among the leaders. Also each season you should be able to get another shoe and other prizes from the fan support and the Jordan contracts.


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ankle breakers and crowd

1)when we do ankle breakers or make them hop the wrong way in the defensive stance(iverson and michael jordan) make the crowd say"ooooohhhhh" or scream.

2)make it go into a slow motion during the ankle breaking moves so we can do more moves and make the opponent look stupid.and using the step back as an ankle breaking move too.and when they stumble from a move make them stumble and turn around like they tripped over... more »


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