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technical fouls,ejections,fights

the game needs techs! have technical fouls, ejections, fights, suspensions


how to do it? here some options


>>> lil bit crazy personality players like artest and rasheed should be more likely to get one

>>> flagrent fouls

>>> us the user can get one from unsportsmanship stuff like rage tapping the start button, too much instant replaying

>>> argue the call


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Fiba Olympics & WC's

The FIBA and Olympic license for the ability to choose your players to represent your country in the Olympics and World Championships.


- Have it included as a new game mode for world championships and Olympics

- Include it in Association also and be able to pick your country's squad every 2 and 4 years

- Fiba rules and courts

- Include various international arenas / venues

-... more »


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Highlight Show

A highlight show similar to "Sportscenter" and the highlight show in "NFL 2K5" that recaps all the Nba action around the league and includes visual highlights of games.

The highlight show could recap action around the league including:
-Top 10 List for best dunks / plays / assists of the night / week / month / year. If you win the Finals, plays of the year for your team
-Game recaps and box scores
-All transactions,... more »


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NBA2k13 My Player

What we need in my player you ask? Here's some ideas
1. Be able to play in college for your college team
2. Be able to choose your jersey for the team
3. Be able to change your voice
4. Be able to decide if you dont want to play a game (ex. family issues and you want to spend time with your family.)
5. Fix Grade Scale, it's terrible in nba2k12
6. More different haircut (like Tapers)
7. More Tattos, the ones you can get... more »


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Complete All Star Weekend in Arena Setting

All the events of ASW in an arena setting.

- All Star Game
- Rooks vs Sophmore Game
- Dunk Contest (add teammate participation)
- 3pt Contest
- D-League ASG
-Skills Challenge
-Shooting Stars
- Celebrity Game (Can use celebs already in 2k12 and past games, and Legends too)

... more »


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More accesories

We should be able to wear a facemask and they need more tattoos like sleeves and we should be able to have a warm up before the game starts like in real life, we should be able to pick a girlfriend and then marry her and make a family in the future and they should show her during a timeout or something and let the announcers/commentares speak about her/us..


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15 My Player Emhancements

>Allow you to control your actions on the court such as Arguing calls, talking smack to your opponent, praising your teamate, and so forth (On X-Box Controler)

UP: Argue previous call
this could help get calls later in the game but pressing it to much could get you a technical
LEFT: Interact with the crowd
Encourage the crowd at home (such as doing the arm waves to tell them to get louder) or to mock the crowd... more »


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Owner Mode

An extension of association mode that gives full control of owning a franchise.

Things this mode can include:
-Team relocation
-An audio database with the top 100 cities so announcer's will say the full name (i.e. "Las Vegas Kings).
-Set prices for tickets, merchandise, parking, food, etc.
-Dynamic attendance revenue
-Team Editor to change team colors, logo, etc.
-Sign the GM, staff, and coaches
-Ability to sign retired... more »


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My player is a 96 spd point guard & whenever I break out on a fast break I wonder why he isn't running faster than anyone on the court. Even the opposing team's center keeps pace with me. Idk what you guys have to do to fix this but it's completely unacceptable that Marc Gasol can keep up with me on a fast break. Smh I'm so disappointed in this years game. I liked 2k11 a lot more.


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