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More freedom with myleague

I feel myleague should have more freedom on how many teams and how many games there should be. Be able to customize number of divisions, number of conferences, etc. There shouldn't be a minimum of 30 teams in my league and should be more than just 36 teams maximum. We should also be able to have custom teams too and have the ability to have myleague teams in playnow.


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Create Teams For Play Now

Bring create-a-team to next gen consoles. If PS3 and Xbox 360 have it, why can't they put this option in PS4 and Xbox One? I want to be able to create a team, place the players that I want on that team, (examples: a Nike/adidas/Jordan Brand team full of those players who signed with there specific companies, create players and place them on the created teams, all-college team, etc.) and compete with friends in play now... more »


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