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Not a completely original idea so I'll post ways to make it work.

Ideally, it just sounds awesome to think you can boot up a mycareer with a max of say 2 friends (total 3 people) and each of you picks and plays on a college team. watch you and your friends get drafted and play in the summer league and then compete or team up in the league.

overall I think they can make this work just like madden 17 previously just had... more »


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Eliminate CPU Teams/ Drafting

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I know this can be done because it was like this before maybe in like 2k10 or 2k11, but eliminate CPU drafting in my leagues or just their teams in general. No one wants to wait for all CPU teams to draft when we have a league of like 6-10 of my friends. I end up having to do a draft offline and then create a roster for everyone's team. I also end up having to sim games against CPU's since their teams are in the league.... more »


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