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Creating teams again

You should be able to create your own team and your own player in gameplay mode again. I really liked creating teams and players like my AAU team was in the NBA. I wish you guys would bring it back so I could dream longer. Haha. That would be nice if it was back. I really liked that in 2k10-13. And I'm a really big fan of 2k sports I love all your games. Thanks


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Commentary needs to up it's game period this year nda2k.. We need more excitement. When a player hits a shot. Momma there goes that man... Or what about MAN Down. Curry has just been on first tonight or unstoppable. Or maybe popovich might need to go to his bench guys ... Parker has been setting for awhile the spurs need him back in the .. I mean things like that we notice. . The crowd needs to chant defence.. And what... more »


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Roster Rivalries, Fights, and relationships

I have such a good idea for nba 2k

Rivalries enemys and fights

so in a game or blacktop game you can start a fight by pressing a series of buttons

And if it happens, then a relationship with them decreases on that roster

the only way to remove it is to use a tool in roster creator

a bad relationship with a player decreases the want to be on a team with them, has random fights even if your not playing with background... more »


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