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technical fouls,ejections,fights

the game needs techs! have technical fouls, ejections, fights, suspensions


how to do it? here some options


>>> lil bit crazy personality players like artest and rasheed should be more likely to get one

>>> flagrent fouls

>>> us the user can get one from unsportsmanship stuff like rage tapping the start button, too much instant replaying

>>> argue the call


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Roster Rivalries, Fights, and relationships

I have such a good idea for nba 2k

Rivalries enemys and fights

so in a game or blacktop game you can start a fight by pressing a series of buttons

And if it happens, then a relationship with them decreases on that roster

the only way to remove it is to use a tool in roster creator

a bad relationship with a player decreases the want to be on a team with them, has random fights even if your not playing with background... more »


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