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NBA 2k14

2k has done an spectacular job in improving the "My Player" game mode each year.

It is believed that my direct email to 2k is the reason why were able to select which brand (jordan or Nike) we perfer to be endorsed by in 2k13 *shrugs ANYTHING TO IMPROVE ONE OFTHE BEST GAMES CREATED

2k13 has set the bar so high, that it would be nearly Impossible to ask for more.......WRONG

the MORE you show us, the more we... more »


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Make the playoffs ACTUALLY interesting

I think the playoffs for the past 2k games have stinked. Honestly it needs more touch, what do I mean by touch? First of all I think there should be a longer video intro to a series, inside the game with a coach wired, and longer interviews with that being outside of my career as well. When it gets to the finals, a 5 min video intro about the history of the playoffs and past champions and how important it is to win a... more »


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Realistic Camera Angles

Use More Realistic Camera views/angles when it comes to replays and highlights. The more it looks like TV, th more realistic it feels. Sometimes have buzzer beater angles like when they show the entire arena go crazy with the camera from the rafters. or have a camera right on the player who hits the shot showing their reaction.

make players have realistic reactions when they hit tough shots or buzzer beaters. Show the... more »


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2K video game idea


2K22 ps5 idea:

2 games: 2K22 College Hoops and NBA2K22

(The licensing will allow them to make a college, linking them together can drive up buy rates for college basketball)

Link college to nba like ea and madden used to

2K COLLEGE (Release a month prior to NBA) +SELLING POINT MyRecruit (college is back and you're in it)

*(Get high school teams to add in game from state championship (100) teams... more »


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1. start in collage and earn rep before declaring for NBA

2. more accessories like face mask, glasses, etc

3. sign with basketball brand you want not just Nike and Jordan.

4. start out with a better overall than 64 maybe somewhere in 70's or 80's.

5. be able to react to calls or taunt and your signature celebration after hitting a three or after a big slam.

6. be able start in ALL-STAR game and be in 3... more »


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Wish List


- the option to play retro seasons (so if you choose to play as the '95 Bulls, the calendar is also from 1995).

- the ability to add uniforms and edit current arenas, rather than overwriting them completely.

- the ability to delete teams from a custom league (so for example you can play retro leagues before there were 30 teams on the NBA).



- more build options, it should be easier to create... more »


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List of my point for improvements

First, I know 2k14 already started getting out trailers but these are my suggestions, even for 2k15 if needed.
1. My player should have more endorosments, customed endorosments.
2. My player should have an agent. Talking with agent will be like talking with GM.
3. Have a diffrent kind of cash which can't buy attributes and those, but only luxuries.
From those my closet things to bigger house, better champaign for... more »


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