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MyPlayer and MyCAREER Personalization trending idea

NBA2k22 needs a more personalized MyPLAYER setup. The storylines can be unrelatable. Although it would be a huge undertaking and I doubt they would ever make a change this big, but 2K has a worldwide reach so introducing an African/European/Chinese league where international gamers can play through to get into the NBA (such as the college league in 2k21).

Or at least simpler changes such as:


1. BETTER NICKNAMES.... more »


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I'm going to list them for things we should have in myplayer
Custom voice
Longer story
More hairstyles and tattoos (my top)
No caps for MyPlayer in your Season but your online player should have some caps everyone can't be 99 in everything but we should get to pick the two or three caps were we want them
Pick one than one archetype(be a sharpshooter and playmaker like curry)
Go to stores to shop for shoes, accessories,... more »


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The Real 2K14 My Player

Choose position... (point grd, shootin grd, small fwd, power fwd, or center)...without any skills or attributes... ability to pronounce any name and nickname typed in and sound out so announcers can say when mentioning you

Select what school you wish come from and select year in college/ overseas... fresh soph, junior, or senior matter what still declared to Go to NBA Draft...

Play in NCAA Championship Game/... more »


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15 My Player Emhancements

>Allow you to control your actions on the court such as Arguing calls, talking smack to your opponent, praising your teamate, and so forth (On X-Box Controler)

UP: Argue previous call
this could help get calls later in the game but pressing it to much could get you a technical
LEFT: Interact with the crowd
Encourage the crowd at home (such as doing the arm waves to tell them to get louder) or to mock the crowd... more »


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