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More accesories

We should be able to wear a facemask and they need more tattoos like sleeves and we should be able to have a warm up before the game starts like in real life, we should be able to pick a girlfriend and then marry her and make a family in the future and they should show her during a timeout or something and let the announcers/commentares speak about her/us..


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NBA 2K14 wishlist

First Let it be on PC said i heard 2K may cancel it

1)Allow your player to talk and answer about 2 questions to Doris at haltime,
then be able to go to the lockeroom before the 3rd quater

2)in the social media tab be able to reply back
exp: if a player says there going to beat your team be able to type a message back

3)Every year of your career get new endorsement deals
etc: yr 1 Jordan
yr 2 Nike... more »


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Player Creation

You should be able to edit more features on your player like arm size, wingspan, hand size, shoe size, calfs, etc. instead of just height and weight.

More tattoos, and hairstyles. You should be able edit things like your players hairline or hair texture. 2k always fail on black people's hair. And you should have tattoo packages, if not then more areas for tattoos like chest, knuckles, neck (not just the side), and... more »


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Wish List


- the option to play retro seasons (so if you choose to play as the '95 Bulls, the calendar is also from 1995).

- the ability to add uniforms and edit current arenas, rather than overwriting them completely.

- the ability to delete teams from a custom league (so for example you can play retro leagues before there were 30 teams on the NBA).



- more build options, it should be easier to create... more »


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2K15 Suggestions(Long Read)

NBA 2K14 lacks some core gameplay to be the potential best 2K , honestly they should of kept the gameplay from 2K11 but here are my ideas for 2K15

Gameplay -
1. Fix on ball defense : Everytime i try to lock on my man, they seem to run pass me each and everytime. The ball would either go through my player or somehow my man slips pass me like i'm on skates.

2. Fix Blocking dunks : It just seems like its way to easy to... more »


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