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Myplayer improvements

For my player there should be a some things that you should be able to change to improve it. 1. You should be able to replace NBA teams with created teams. 2. Be able to put in your own draft class. 3. Add other people's my players into your yours. 4. Be able to play for your national team. 5. Make press conferences have more of an effect and have some after game questions in the locker room. 6. If you are a rookie or... more »


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Just one more fun and simple stat to add to the game. Track number of dunks a player has. This is a stat that is tracked now. See web link to see today's NBA leaders:

Categories could be: dunks per game, total dunks per season, total dunks per career (playoff game, playoff career, etc).

If added, add this for players in association mode and my player BOTH. My player... more »


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User stats

Keep up with the user stats such as the steals, blocks, rebounds the user actually gets oppose to the cpu.. Because I have alot of haters that hate on my game saying its not me doing the things that helps my team wins, that its cpu.. adding this to the game i will have proof that i'm the reason that my team wins, because i'm a better user player than my opponet


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Ability to Evolve out of Archetypes

I want the ability to start out as a slasher, or any other archetype or a combination of two or three, and then be able to unlock attributes above the caps as my player progresses later in their career. The natural development of a player is a slasher and then developing other archetypes like for guards and small forwards, shot creator, sharpshooter, playmaker/point forward, and lockdown defender; for small forwards,... more »


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MyGM/MyLEAGUE - Create More Time/Stats Normalisation Options

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Please give us more options for Normalising STATS with MINUTES. We should be able to play 4 minute quarters and be able to normalise to get realistic stats. Even if you incude ".5" options. Help us get real stats without the burden of playing long games which deter us from playing. REALISTIC STATS FOR SMALLER QUARTER GAMES PLEASE. Give us more options for normalising, that would be amazing, thank you.


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Fix your badge system

Guards run much faster with downhill on and 6'9 PF's 220lbs or less with downhill on gold barely does anything and that badge is for bigs not guards. Dimer floor general and needle threader need to all be one badge or break the three into two diff badges. Bring back having to level your badge up you must do the badges. Example, upgrading catch and shoot can only happen if you have 70+ shooting and catch and shoot the... more »


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NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wishlist

Make The Social Media Feed Look More Realistic

Give Us The Option To have Fan Whiteout Night

Add Back Inside The NBA PreGame Show And Post Game Show

 Get rid of nicknames when creating a player in create a player (not talking about my career)

Add more player stats from recent games to the MyNBA bottom headlines ticker 

 Add A Better Game Day Experience And Playoff Experience To My NBA and Play Now

Add In Game And... more »


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