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Social HotSpots in Parks

What's up it's your boy Stevie The Genius Jay Nah just Stevie Jay. I'm New to bringing my ideas over to 2k Because I'm new to the Neighborhood. Okay enough small talk I was playing 2k dominating the Neighborhood like usual RealStevieJay if you want smoke on PSN but anyways I was like I really like the realism 2k was going with this year but let's make it even more realistic by adding Social Hotspots around different parts... more »


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NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wishlist

Make The Social Media Feed Look More Realistic

Give Us The Option To have Fan Whiteout Night

Add Back Inside The NBA PreGame Show And Post Game Show

 Get rid of nicknames when creating a player in create a player (not talking about my career)

Add more player stats from recent games to the MyNBA bottom headlines ticker 

 Add A Better Game Day Experience And Playoff Experience To My NBA and Play Now

Add In Game And... more »


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