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- the option to play retro seasons (so if you choose to play as the '95 Bulls, the calendar is also from 1995).

- the ability to add uniforms and edit current arenas, rather than overwriting them completely.

- the ability to delete teams from a custom league (so for example you can play retro leagues before there were 30 teams on the NBA).



- more build options, it should be easier to create... more »


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Ability to randomize/que different shoes/colorways in MC

I love the game guys. The only thing I think that seems simple enough to add in the next edition would be the ability to have a section in the player store where you can pick up to 5 different kicks at any given time/customize them to your liking, one colorway for home/and one for away will be saved for each shoe. Then give the user the ability to set the parameters to have the game either randomly pick kicks or in... more »


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