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Ability to Evolve out of Archetypes

I want the ability to start out as a slasher, or any other archetype or a combination of two or three, and then be able to unlock attributes above the caps as my player progresses later in their career. The natural development of a player is a slasher and then developing other archetypes like for guards and small forwards, shot creator, sharpshooter, playmaker/point forward, and lockdown defender; for small forwards,... more »


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Shotmeter for layups and hooks (nba2k18)

I'm been playing 2k since 2k13 and what i just remeber is that playmakers/shooters/slashers are the most taken archetypes. 90% of the players are kind of that one who are dribbling and shooting 3's or dunking the whole game. The couple of centers we have are 95% stretch bigs who support the players i explained before by standing at the 3 point line and shoot or get the rebounds for them. Its all the same stuff and it... more »


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