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- Players (ROOKIE ALL STARS from all times!!!!!!)

i was looking at allot of youtube videos and talking with some friends and as a 2k player myself being 15 had some input on what i would like to do.


-playing as players when they started out in the nba! when u look at the NBA 2k12 2k share option there would be people that would do something called face masking and create people to look real but for the game. allot of the times they would make one of the... more »


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have every team that.. has bin in the finals, in the current year that they attended the finals..
having a NEW -game mode- that says - FINALS-

and idk who's reading this but it would be like this.

i wanted to do like...
05-06 Miami heat vs Dallas mavericks (or)
06-07 cav's VS spurs
04 detroit vs L.A lackers (04 lakers would be fun!!)
i dont think there would be time to create every season going through in... more »


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Wish List


- the option to play retro seasons (so if you choose to play as the '95 Bulls, the calendar is also from 1995).

- the ability to add uniforms and edit current arenas, rather than overwriting them completely.

- the ability to delete teams from a custom league (so for example you can play retro leagues before there were 30 teams on the NBA).



- more build options, it should be easier to create... more »


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NBA 2k15 wishlist

Hello! My ideas to make NBA 2k15 the best sport video game ever made.

1) Combe back of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
2) In classic teams, +Charles Barkley (Sixers 85), +Nick Van Exel (Lakers 98), Rick Fox (Lakers 98), Andrew Toney (Sixers 85), Chris Webber (Kings 02)
3) Nationals Teams (USA, Spain, France, Argentina...) or Europe Legends (with Sabonis, Petrovic...)
4) Come back of possibility to export a team
5) Reals... more »


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Roster Rivalries, Fights, and relationships

I have such a good idea for nba 2k

Rivalries enemys and fights

so in a game or blacktop game you can start a fight by pressing a series of buttons

And if it happens, then a relationship with them decreases on that roster

the only way to remove it is to use a tool in roster creator

a bad relationship with a player decreases the want to be on a team with them, has random fights even if your not playing with background... more »


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