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More Realistic Fans

Not every single arena in the NBA has 100% black fans...something that the developers didn't seem to realize. If you play a game in OKC, the fans should be predominately white, which is the case in real life. I don't care about the fans animations or what not, but when you play in OKC and there are all black fans, that's just not the case. Or when the fans in Miami dress the same way as fans in Minnesota. Come on... more »


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1. We need to create a more immersive experience that replicates an authentic draft day. The location, the commentators discussing their thoughts, footage of the crowd, the tables, an up close of the players etc... THEN, the announcements, the walking up on stage, the shaking of the hands with the hat... as well as post draft interviews. The draft of coarse would include exciting trade news. Possibly include commentator... more »


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Association 8.0 or Head coach/GM mode or MyCareer

i skipped the other numbers because this will make the association realistic,
1. when its time for the Olympic games let players be on the international teams and even make some artificial players for vacancies in international teams and add stats for them and all players who participated in their regular seasons, all stars, and Olympics but in different panels for each
2. oversea trading should be made which is when... more »


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Social HotSpots in Parks

What's up it's your boy Stevie The Genius Jay Nah just Stevie Jay. I'm New to bringing my ideas over to 2k Because I'm new to the Neighborhood. Okay enough small talk I was playing 2k dominating the Neighborhood like usual RealStevieJay if you want smoke on PSN but anyways I was like I really like the realism 2k was going with this year but let's make it even more realistic by adding Social Hotspots around different parts... more »


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