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MYPLAYER SWAG IDEAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What you guys started with NBA 2K12 is GREAT! BUT, i think we need MORE excitement. If you think about it, about 90% of the NBA 2K gamers had "hoop dreams".. meaning at some point everyone wanted or wants to be an NBA player. So we need MYPLAYER to give us thAT feeling. We need more of a "hype" coming into the NBA.. when we come into a game and drop 30 points in our very first game, we need the announcers... more »


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Buzzer Beaters

This Has Been somethin in question by many 2k fans for years.

Buzzer Beating Shots should have a much more realistic reaction from the Announcers & Crowd.
most of the time a shot is made at the buzzer, the commentators reaction is so late that its just lame. it takes away from the excitement. The crowd doesnt have a big enough reaction either. They should all rise to their feet hands up jumping up and down like in... more »


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