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Ability to Evolve out of Archetypes

I want the ability to start out as a slasher, or any other archetype or a combination of two or three, and then be able to unlock attributes above the caps as my player progresses later in their career. The natural development of a player is a slasher and then developing other archetypes like for guards and small forwards, shot creator, sharpshooter, playmaker/point forward, and lockdown defender; for small forwards,... more »


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floor general moves

Any floor general in the NBA actually have some moves that make him have this abillity. Most important one to add to 2k is the abillity to manage the floor with kind of the back to the basket, it called- Half-Defensive dribble.
It is very usefull and often used, european point guards sometimes use it every time they lead the ball.
I simply do it in 2k using the back to basket abillity but it wrong. Please add it, and... more »


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Skills - Rewards System

- Bring money back! Negotiate for salary in $ not SP!
- AWARD MORE SP per game!
- Able to start with HIGHER OVERALL rating then 64!

1. BRING MONEY BACK! I dont wanna sign contract for Skill Points! Whats up with that!? I wanna be able to make million contract deals.
2. Whats with the Skill Points? Max 1000SP per game (key game with very advanced player). With this system we need to play 10 seasons to create decent... more »


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