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15 My Player Emhancements

>Allow you to control your actions on the court such as Arguing calls, talking smack to your opponent, praising your teamate, and so forth (On X-Box Controler)

UP: Argue previous call
this could help get calls later in the game but pressing it to much could get you a technical
LEFT: Interact with the crowd
Encourage the crowd at home (such as doing the arm waves to tell them to get louder) or to mock the crowd... more »


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create your own head coach

-First you can play the games

-also you can sign a contract with a team and lead your team to the championship

-also you can make trades,hire your assistants and GM

-also you can coach national teams at the summer tournaments such as Olympic games

-also when your contract expires you can go to another team

-also you can control the morale of your players

-you can control the prize of the tickets

-you can create... more »


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MyCareer Jersey and Accessories

-mask (rip Hamilton)

-mouth guard

-Nike Elite Socks (I know their not allowed to wear them in real life but still)

-customize the two colors on Adidas sleeves

-less VC cost for accessories


-BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR TEAMS JERSEY it would make it much more interesting. But also your accessories and shoes would have to switch according to the colors


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Ability to randomize/que different shoes/colorways in MC

I love the game guys. The only thing I think that seems simple enough to add in the next edition would be the ability to have a section in the player store where you can pick up to 5 different kicks at any given time/customize them to your liking, one colorway for home/and one for away will be saved for each shoe. Then give the user the ability to set the parameters to have the game either randomly pick kicks or in... more »


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