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floor general moves

Any floor general in the NBA actually have some moves that make him have this abillity. Most important one to add to 2k is the abillity to manage the floor with kind of the back to the basket, it called- Half-Defensive dribble.
It is very usefull and often used, european point guards sometimes use it every time they lead the ball.
I simply do it in 2k using the back to basket abillity but it wrong. Please add it, and... more »


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Spike lee joint 2

You should make a spike lee joint 2 you should be able to pick your friends and wife and for every action there’s a reaction so in you pick this person to be your friend you get noticed more if you pick this wife she’s a gold digger like real life scenarios

Instead of choosing your archetypes you should be able to play highshool ball and college ball and how ever you play that will be your archetype and be able to build... more »


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