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15 things to improve NBA 2k14

1. The ability to be able to block dunks

2. Choose what voice you want instead of every my player having the same voice.

3. no 2 year contract

4.we shouldn't have to spend money on gear.

5. More hairstyles and tattoos.

6. we should be able to create a fan, and signs that the crowd should hold up and make our own merchandise such as posters, mugs, book bags etc.

7. better fans overall (i don't know if... more »


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Waste of Time and VC coins

I have come to two conclusions: Either the NBA2K franchise is lazy and doesn't want to be more creative with the MyPlayer feature OR they are only focused on making money and not too concerned with the video game experience for the users.

Simply put, users should be able to transfer their "my player" to the next version NBA2K that comes out. For example, in NBA2k16, I worked hard to develop my player, going through the... more »


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My Career Story Line (with prime KB,MJ,LB rosters)

I want prime KB's LA roster, LBJ's CAVS roster and MJ's CHI roster in my career mode.
This means current roster of those teams will be replaced.
Then teams except CHI,LAL,CAVS and GSW can draft me.
The objective is to lead my player's team to compete with KB,LBJ and MJ's and current GSW team. On the first 3 years LAL,CHI and CAVS will be the champions at the end of the 3rd season in the story those top 3 teams will... more »


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