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MyCareer Jersey and Accessories

-mask (rip Hamilton)

-mouth guard

-Nike Elite Socks (I know their not allowed to wear them in real life but still)

-customize the two colors on Adidas sleeves

-less VC cost for accessories


-BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR TEAMS JERSEY it would make it much more interesting. But also your accessories and shoes would have to switch according to the colors


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MyCareer Jerseys

So, my idea is really simple. Many players in the 2k community want to be able to choose their jerseys before every game. One of the biggest complaints about myCareer is the monotony. After a while, the game just feels the same, there's not much to explore. This would give players a fun chance to change it up every now and then. I think it's a great idea that the community will enjoy.

Also, it would be great for the... more »


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Create expansion team for myplayer

It would be option to unlock creat expansion team in myplayer after completing 1st season. I find it hard to be motivated to play more that 1 season with myplayer. I think it would be awesome to unlock create expansion team where I can build a new team for myplayer to be the franchise player. It would be awesome to create a team. Starting from designing jerseys, the court, team logo, mascot, & picking the city to play... more »


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