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Player lock

If an offensive player can "lock" on his defensive player and is able to preform the Iso dribbles or spin move relative to defender would make for much more realistic & smoother motion; instead of just dribbling with out concentrating on a specific player. That player lock can further expand player to player interaction. For example running back on defense you lock onto your own team mate and high five him, something... more »


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My Player / My Career - Signature DUNKS !!! and other ..

1. Create Your Signature Dunk - This can be linked to the attributes you scale up - Vertical, Strength, Ball Security, Hands etc...You can also include certain skills that can get unlocked as you progress - 360s, tomahawk etc. Ability to club them, Hands movement, Body Direction, etc should be customizable. Also let the user Choose a Name for this dunk for the commentators to use.

2. Include Mental Funk - Let there... more »


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