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Buzzer Beaters

This Has Been somethin in question by many 2k fans for years.

Buzzer Beating Shots should have a much more realistic reaction from the Announcers & Crowd.
most of the time a shot is made at the buzzer, the commentators reaction is so late that its just lame. it takes away from the excitement. The crowd doesnt have a big enough reaction either. They should all rise to their feet hands up jumping up and down like in... more »


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NBA 2k14

2k has done an spectacular job in improving the "My Player" game mode each year.

It is believed that my direct email to 2k is the reason why were able to select which brand (jordan or Nike) we perfer to be endorsed by in 2k13 *shrugs ANYTHING TO IMPROVE ONE OFTHE BEST GAMES CREATED

2k13 has set the bar so high, that it would be nearly Impossible to ask for more.......WRONG

the MORE you show us, the more we... more »


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