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MYPLAYER SWAG IDEAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What you guys started with NBA 2K12 is GREAT! BUT, i think we need MORE excitement. If you think about it, about 90% of the NBA 2K gamers had "hoop dreams".. meaning at some point everyone wanted or wants to be an NBA player. So we need MYPLAYER to give us thAT feeling. We need more of a "hype" coming into the NBA.. when we come into a game and drop 30 points in our very first game, we need the announcers... more »


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technical fouls,ejections,fights

the game needs techs! have technical fouls, ejections, fights, suspensions


how to do it? here some options


>>> lil bit crazy personality players like artest and rasheed should be more likely to get one

>>> flagrent fouls

>>> us the user can get one from unsportsmanship stuff like rage tapping the start button, too much instant replaying

>>> argue the call


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15 things to improve NBA 2k14

1. The ability to be able to block dunks

2. Choose what voice you want instead of every my player having the same voice.

3. no 2 year contract

4.we shouldn't have to spend money on gear.

5. More hairstyles and tattoos.

6. we should be able to create a fan, and signs that the crowd should hold up and make our own merchandise such as posters, mugs, book bags etc.

7. better fans overall (i don't know if... more »


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Career enhancements

By playing in the college or highschool you should earn some vc/ upgrade points for us to upgrade our player before entering nba..

Add summer league before the debut.. or add G-league if the player did not meet the requirement or being undrafted..

And please use $ instead of vc or points.. for us to feel of our player is earning money.. can buy car house.. upgrade point or vc should switch into dollars base on your... more »


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