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Realistic Camera Angles

Use More Realistic Camera views/angles when it comes to replays and highlights. The more it looks like TV, th more realistic it feels. Sometimes have buzzer beater angles like when they show the entire arena go crazy with the camera from the rafters. or have a camera right on the player who hits the shot showing their reaction.

make players have realistic reactions when they hit tough shots or buzzer beaters. Show the... more »


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Association 8.0 or Head coach/GM mode or MyCareer

i skipped the other numbers because this will make the association realistic,
1. when its time for the Olympic games let players be on the international teams and even make some artificial players for vacancies in international teams and add stats for them and all players who participated in their regular seasons, all stars, and Olympics but in different panels for each
2. oversea trading should be made which is when... more »


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