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Spike lee joint 2

You should make a spike lee joint 2 you should be able to pick your friends and wife and for every action there’s a reaction so in you pick this person to be your friend you get noticed more if you pick this wife she’s a gold digger like real life scenarios

Instead of choosing your archetypes you should be able to play highshool ball and college ball and how ever you play that will be your archetype and be able to build... more »


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Things for my player

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What my player needs:

Slightly longer journey: I think that they should keep the rookie showcase instead of the combine, but i beleive once you are drafted you should participate in summer circuit and training camp with the team before really beginning your nba career

Better Off-season: There really is no offseason in the current my player mode which I think is stupid because in the nba the off season is a crucial... more »


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15 My Player Emhancements

>Allow you to control your actions on the court such as Arguing calls, talking smack to your opponent, praising your teamate, and so forth (On X-Box Controler)

UP: Argue previous call
this could help get calls later in the game but pressing it to much could get you a technical
LEFT: Interact with the crowd
Encourage the crowd at home (such as doing the arm waves to tell them to get louder) or to mock the crowd... more »


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