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My Court Battles

Hey 2k, Yall give us the ability to get very creative with our my courts. why not give us the ability to travel with your squad to another players my court and play 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, and so on. it is the same concept as team arena. to do this you get everyone on one persons my court and pick court battle. Either they travel or the other team travels to them. I also feel we should still be able to earn xp during... more »


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Light Improvement

1. Top Lights on Courts:
-The courts needs more lights, specially in the top center.
Top lights adds more realism to the ambient and gives life to arena.
I find 2k18 a way too dark, in comparison with real life arena lightning effects.
-Players needs more light on top of shoulders and head.

2. Shot Clock Light:
-The 24 second red light looks too opaque. Needs to be more bright.
-Also the quarter lenght clock on... more »


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