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Coaches Mic'd Up

During timeouts and maybe before games, have the coach give real-time, relevant, real-voice audio tips and advice to the players.
- Quick and varied coaching tips and one liners such as: "stay tight on Kobe, he's torching us up!" or "Be ready for the half court trap, they seem to be doing that a lot" or "Good job guys, keep it up."

- Have the advice be relevant to what's... more »


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trades and ambitions improvements

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Association is one of the most (if not THE most) important modes and it helps the value of game through time. I'd like to add two ideas here:

1. Trade improvements

Trade values should be re-computed. Unfortunately, it's easy enough to "mock" the system due to stars of value system. An example: If I offer a 3-star-value pf to timberwolves, in exchange to some equal value (but not pf) they will accept, something that... more »


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