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Body Type For Players!!

Players should be have there own body type. For instance, Kevin Durant is a long player, so his wingspan should be really long to match him. There should be presets, like Long Athletic, Space Eater, Bulky, Skinny, Ripped, Athletic, Normal, etc. small players like Jeremy Lin shouldn't look bulky. They should have specific body types. It would really help out with the spacing on the floor and give the game a much better... more »


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things they should get rid of or change

make it so your own F***ing team mates don't knock the ball out of your hands when they run by! make it so after i take a lay-up i don't keep going and push someone over for a foul! make players play like they do in real life, since when does Ray Allen miss wide open 3's but make 360 dunks?!?and make passing more exact so i can ACTUALLY pass to the player i'm trying to! fixing little things like these would make 2k WAY... more »


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Get Rid Of Jewelry And Training Boosts In Online Blacktop

Blacktop is arcade now because of all the guys using training boosts and jewelry to
have an unfair advantage. The mode isn't even worth playing anymore because it's so tainted. The Leaderboard is a sham because all these guys use boosts every 5 game to create some incredible hulk superman mofo. Who said streetball has to = arcade? I don't see guys with unrealistic attributes and it being nothing but an And1 session... more »


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