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Realistic Camera Angles

Use More Realistic Camera views/angles when it comes to replays and highlights. The more it looks like TV, th more realistic it feels. Sometimes have buzzer beater angles like when they show the entire arena go crazy with the camera from the rafters. or have a camera right on the player who hits the shot showing their reaction.

make players have realistic reactions when they hit tough shots or buzzer beaters. Show the... more »


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The 'camera' work in game could still use a lot of improvements

1. Auto-adjust angle so you can see all your teammates. After 13 years playing the game, I still can't find a camera setting that keeps me from missing what's going on off-screen sometimes.

2. Re-play camera overhaul. It's so freaking clumsy. a) Let the camera float over the crowd to allow for longer angles from behind the rim or along the sideline.... more »


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