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Blocking dunks

No ones hand should ever go through the ball when trying block someone. Dunks can be at times impossible to block and finally one of the jumps the defender tries to do is jump and stuck his head forward arms flailing and barely get off the ground. If there was a YouTube clip of it I would show it but I reckon there might be one on there. The point is make blocking possible, especially on dunks


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My Player / My Career - Signature DUNKS !!! and other ..

1. Create Your Signature Dunk - This can be linked to the attributes you scale up - Vertical, Strength, Ball Security, Hands etc...You can also include certain skills that can get unlocked as you progress - 360s, tomahawk etc. Ability to club them, Hands movement, Body Direction, etc should be customizable. Also let the user Choose a Name for this dunk for the commentators to use.

2. Include Mental Funk - Let there... more »


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Realistic Blocks

I think 2K could and should add a real Block button, cause the actual block button performs both the jumping and the blocking action. They should split them and allow us to time the actual block and not just jumping and hoping to get it in time. Triangle/Y should be the jump button and then in a separate action (while already in the air) there should be a button which throws the defensive player's hand towards the ball... more »


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