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Different MyCARREER stories for different builds

Production for 2k20 is probably already done or close to it, so maybe this could be for 2k21. My idea is to have a different story for different builds. It could just be if you're 6'7+ you get one story, and if you're 6'6- you get a different one. For the taller player story, they could suffer more injuries as a prospect and the story would revolve around that. For the shorter story you could have a rival like marcus... more »


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Shotmeter for layups and hooks (nba2k18)

I'm been playing 2k since 2k13 and what i just remeber is that playmakers/shooters/slashers are the most taken archetypes. 90% of the players are kind of that one who are dribbling and shooting 3's or dunking the whole game. The couple of centers we have are 95% stretch bigs who support the players i explained before by standing at the 3 point line and shoot or get the rebounds for them. Its all the same stuff and it... more »


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Spike lee joint 2

You should make a spike lee joint 2 you should be able to pick your friends and wife and for every action there’s a reaction so in you pick this person to be your friend you get noticed more if you pick this wife she’s a gold digger like real life scenarios

Instead of choosing your archetypes you should be able to play highshool ball and college ball and how ever you play that will be your archetype and be able to build... more »


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