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Commentary Momma there goes that man.

Update the commentary can we please have better commentary .EX. KD/ Kevin Durant pulls up for 3. Bang! Man down , Momma there goes that man.. Curry hits Durant with perfect pass.. Durant is just unguardable tonight! He has really put the team on his back! More fluid commentary. James pushes the ball, James to kyrie, kyrie to love ,love hits James .. In the corner James pulls up from 3.. BAM! ..(This should be in game... more »


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Not a completely original idea so I'll post ways to make it work.

Ideally, it just sounds awesome to think you can boot up a mycareer with a max of say 2 friends (total 3 people) and each of you picks and plays on a college team. watch you and your friends get drafted and play in the summer league and then compete or team up in the league.

overall I think they can make this work just like madden 17 previously just had... more »


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