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Multiplayer online co-op association vs CPU

A lot of people in the community ask for this all the time. I was a Manager at GameStop for 3 years and have heard many thoughts and have been asked many questions about 2K Basketball. (college hoops being one of my favorite) With that being said, it would be VERY nice if my friends and I could team up in association/franchise mode and play against CPU. Only way we were doing this prior was going to each other’s houses,... more »


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Improving Blacktop for NBA 2k14

Over the years since 2k2 I feel like Blacktop has been lacking alot of features that most players would love to see in this game mode for instance:

More Variety of streeball courts and addition of Rec centers.
- I remember on 2k2 they featured many streetball courts and rec centers to play on such as venice beach, mosswood, and fonde rec center. I know on 2k13 they give us Rucker Park, and some rooftop court but these... more »


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After Retirement

I play 10 plus seasons in the league. i won championships, mvps and various awards.

The time has come for me to retire, i give my speech, it plays a clip......NOW WHAT??


youre telling me i created this LEGEND and i cant play with him anymore?? UNBELIEVABlE!!!!


we should be able to play with our player after retirement, just like we can play with MJ, Charle Barkley ect,


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Body Type For Players!!

Players should be have there own body type. For instance, Kevin Durant is a long player, so his wingspan should be really long to match him. There should be presets, like Long Athletic, Space Eater, Bulky, Skinny, Ripped, Athletic, Normal, etc. small players like Jeremy Lin shouldn't look bulky. They should have specific body types. It would really help out with the spacing on the floor and give the game a much better... more »


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Buzzer Beaters

This Has Been somethin in question by many 2k fans for years.

Buzzer Beating Shots should have a much more realistic reaction from the Announcers & Crowd.
most of the time a shot is made at the buzzer, the commentators reaction is so late that its just lame. it takes away from the excitement. The crowd doesnt have a big enough reaction either. They should all rise to their feet hands up jumping up and down like in... more »


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NBA 2k14

2k has done an spectacular job in improving the "My Player" game mode each year.

It is believed that my direct email to 2k is the reason why were able to select which brand (jordan or Nike) we perfer to be endorsed by in 2k13 *shrugs ANYTHING TO IMPROVE ONE OFTHE BEST GAMES CREATED

2k13 has set the bar so high, that it would be nearly Impossible to ask for more.......WRONG

the MORE you show us, the more we... more »


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Fresh 1

Confetti when the home team wins a playoff game
When a team loses a playoff game, have a reporter ask the player what they gotta improve for the next game and where they went wrong, i.e; gm1, gm2, gm 3, gm4, etc...
Have a realistic press conference with coaches and player
Have the crowd cheer and boo
When the road team is blowing out the other team, have fans start leaving
playoff highlights
championship highlights... more »


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15 things to improve NBA 2k14

1. The ability to be able to block dunks

2. Choose what voice you want instead of every my player having the same voice.

3. no 2 year contract

4.we shouldn't have to spend money on gear.

5. More hairstyles and tattoos.

6. we should be able to create a fan, and signs that the crowd should hold up and make our own merchandise such as posters, mugs, book bags etc.

7. better fans overall (i don't know if... more »


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how to make 2k14 better

First of all the soundtrack on 2k13 was terrible please make it a variety of songs like in 2k12
The gameplay in 2k13 was great but please, when playing online the game feels different. At one point nobody would make a shot and then 5 minutes later you could hit halfcourts and the other player wont make a layup.
Lastly, let you MyPlayer be able to compete in the AllStar Weekend because the DLC thing was completely ridiculous.... more »


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