no more my player,put my life

in my life mode put these:


1)in my life mode update it so you can buy every new realeased shoe at the mall in the game.


2)let us have swag in the game give us the option to sag our pants a little,a lot,or not and have our clothes fitted or baggy.


3)you have to have good school grades to be on the basketball team at school.and you can go to the classes or skip class by walking around in the hallways with friends and running from teachers trying to catch you.and if you dont go to class to much you stay back.starting from 6th grade through college.but make the game last,dont skip scenes at all,make it like real life time.


4)let us walk into door and our arm automatically pushes open the door.and we can drive,run,bike,or walk any where we want.and we can choose to live in the suburbs,or the hood.


5)DONT make the game only about basketball let us live a life


6)let us be able to go to the mall to go shopping and not be skipped from your house to there,let us drive or walk there.and make the mall seem real and big.let us text and call friends in my life mode so they can hang out at the mall.and put stores like abercrombie&fitch,hollister,american eagle,polo,H&M,Macys,Footlocker,Finishline,Champssports


7)let us be able to talk to girls and ask them out and have friendships with them


8)and let us choose our races.let us choose how light and dark we are.and put better hair styles


9)let us get money by doing house chores,raking leaves and thing like that


10)when we want to fight somebody in the school and tell a lot of people about it,let the most popular person lead the crowd to where the fight is.and when they fight let them go for 30 seconds and if they get hit hard enough they stumble,fall,or bleed but not bleed easily.and you can win the fight depending on speed,height,weight,and strength.


11)and you can go to the gym to get stronger,faster,and quicker for fights.


12)and make the basketball gyms look real,like the hoop and three point line and logos be like they are suppose to be in those grades.and let us work on our ball handling,ankle breakers,layups,and vertical jump.


13)let us go to stores like tmoblie,and verizon wireless to buy phones to text and call friends.


13)and you can choose your height starting at 5'0 to 7'0.


14)and if you put on a hat and have braids or dreads you can still see them


15)and you can choose what state you are from,and you can go to flightclub ny,niketown,and HOH.


16)and you cant customize the air jordans anymore,you have to buy the color ways in the stores.and you can buy OG's and retro's and some OG's you cannot wear.


17)and you can buy seaglow,and liquid that make the botttom of your icy soles(air jordan 11,5) clear again if they turned ywllo but it should take a while to turn yellow,and you put the sea glow on the shoes yourself and under the lights


18)let us make the players do everything and the gme doesnt do it itself,like if we need to do classwork and screen pops up and we do the work,and if we want to go to sleep we go next to the bed an lay down.and if we want to push,slap,or punch somebody we press square(ps3 controls) to slap,cirlce to push,and x to punch,and triangle to scoop them in the air and slam them


19)and you can get a dog,cat,fish,ferret,or hamster


20)and you can have emotions like if something gets you mad you have a mad look,or if you are sad tears run down your face.


21)and you can make a facebook or twitter on my life mode


22)and you can get chased by dogs


23)and you can customize your face and how its built.


24)and you can buy headphone(beats by dre,skullcandy over the ear)


25)and we can write what we want to the people we want to talk to in a text,or in person


26)and we can ask girls to go out


27)and you can go to basketball camps and work on your shot,vertical,dunking,layups,and learn from people who do it the best


28)and if you want to work on ball handle,crossover moves,and quick handle to fake out an opponent you learn from chris paul and allen iverson


29)and put the reebok answer and question in the game


30)and make the anolog stick be the players arms so the faster he moves the anolog stick the quicker his ball handle if he does a crossover and the opponent goes the other way and still trys to gaurd you,you can do a step back and make them slide trying to turn around


31)make the ankle breakers like the ones in this video



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