how to make 2k14 better

First of all the soundtrack on 2k13 was terrible please make it a variety of songs like in 2k12

The gameplay in 2k13 was great but please, when playing online the game feels different. At one point nobody would make a shot and then 5 minutes later you could hit halfcourts and the other player wont make a layup.

Lastly, let you MyPlayer be able to compete in the AllStar Weekend because the DLC thing was completely ridiculous. I think the VC thing is okay don't change it. Skill Points were much harder at least in VC you could do other things to earn them.

Make sure you dont update things really late because sometimes the NBA Today games would be stuck on games from 3 days back.

Oh, and something that i think everyone would enjoy is one of those ESPN score things at the bottom and the ESPN NBA or ABC NBA theme songs at the halfcourts and let there be the real intro songs at the beginning like Knicks Swizz Beats and the Bulls one. Playoffs should be different and games should be harder. Let the CPU play somewhat better also. Sorry for all of that but I'm pretty sure you guys would have game of the century if you do this.


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