floor general moves

Any floor general in the NBA actually have some moves that make him have this abillity. Most important one to add to 2k is the abillity to manage the floor with kind of the back to the basket, it called- Half-Defensive dribble.

It is very usefull and often used, european point guards sometimes use it every time they lead the ball.

I simply do it in 2k using the back to basket abillity but it wrong. Please add it, and add it will be mostly used by point guards, espicially Ricky Rubio and when you set a play.


How it works?

In my opinion it should be like the player start an half defensive dribble, and when you choose to he spins either out of the position or back into it just changin his view side.

It should secure the ball better as long as you have better ballhandling, also it should add a better pass and this is the only time the floor general skill will take affect.

Some other moves might be usefull to, mostly make him move his hands while calling a play like if you call play 2 he'll show it with his hands like most plays do.



Please add it! very important move for any point guard!!!

About the youtube vids- you can see it in games and I couldn't find any so thanks and please add it.


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