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- the option to play retro seasons (so if you choose to play as the '95 Bulls, the calendar is also from 1995).

- the ability to add uniforms and edit current arenas, rather than overwriting them completely.

- the ability to delete teams from a custom league (so for example you can play retro leagues before there were 30 teams on the NBA).



- more build options, it should be easier to create a more we'll rounded player, not have to chose between someone whose a shooter or good in the paint.

- the ability to download custom images for tattoos.

- more pre game clothing options, NBA players wear more than just suits.

- fairer playground game play (option to play with similar skill level players, join teams easier, more achievable power ups).


- retro managers (ppl like Phil Jackson and Pat Riley should be in the game).

- more in depth presentation (better halftime shows, better tv studio chit chat, more in depth stat analysis).

- the ability to add images to shoes so you can make real custom pieces.

- more rosters and players (full 95 line up so you can play the 95 Bulls 72-10 season etc).

- ability to customise the other shoe brands and more shoe brands (new balance, Ling, BBB, Peak, modern converse, etc).

- some different styles of shoes (things players have worn in games, eg. Yeezys, Air Max 90s, etc).

- more edit player options, (masks, headbands to current players etc).

- College teams

- lastly, PAY THE PLAYERS UNION AND GET CHUCK IN THE GAME!!! Get Reggie Miller in too.


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