Waste of Time and VC coins

I have come to two conclusions: Either the NBA2K franchise is lazy and doesn't want to be more creative with the MyPlayer feature OR they are only focused on making money and not too concerned with the video game experience for the users.


Simply put, users should be able to transfer their "my player" to the next version NBA2K that comes out. For example, in NBA2k16, I worked hard to develop my player, going through the ranks and improving his skill level (dribble moves, etc). Users should be able to transfer that player to the NBA2K17 and so on. I know that it'll be somewhat of an issue to have a 92 OVR player starting out in the newer NBA2K game, but why not implement a player that has a few points less than the previous version but still has access to all of his moves that was previously acquired; OR you can have them go through a gauntlet of exercises incorporated into a storyline to justify bringing their previously created player to the new 2k game. Anything that will not be a waste of money on the VC points/coins that users accumulated. As much as I love the 2K franchise, it gets boring having to start ALL OVER AGAIN with a crappy storyline.


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