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What my player needs:


Slightly longer journey: I think that they should keep the rookie showcase instead of the combine, but i beleive once you are drafted you should participate in summer circuit and training camp with the team before really beginning your nba career


Better Off-season: There really is no offseason in the current my player mode which I think is stupid because in the nba the off season is a crucial time to improve, workout, and overall get betterfor the upcoming season.


My messages: In my player mode when you go to "my career" section of of the menu you will find many things. My purchases, My endorsments, etc. Why not add a new section called my messages. Here you could send and receive messages from others. If you are unhappy, send a message to the owner, if you are not happy with a team mate send them a message, if you want to talk to your agent about endorsements send them a message. As far as sending messages would go you wouldnt literally type in what you want to say you would choose from specific options. You could also receive messages. Get messages from jordan and other endorsements. When you are traded/ sign with a new team get messages from the management, coaches, and players welcoming you aboard, and messages from former teams saying goodbye when you part ways.


Get selected to national teams: nuff said


Option for shorter seasons: To be honest having to play even every key game can really get annoying. I would rather play less games and more seasons than more games and less seasons. The thing is you really do have to play your games because when you simulate you usually do not do nearly as well. Key games are also many times against the same stars and same teams which gets boring. I don't know how they would do this but I wish there was a way to get through seasons quicker.


Develop relationships with other players: It would be cool if you could develop chemistries/friendships, and rivalries/hatred, for players that you play with against and what not. Same with organazations too. If you play with the lakers and then leave them for the celtics(or any rivalry for that matter) the fans and the whole organasation will hate you.


Agents: Be able to hire an agent and as you get better you can hire a better agent who can get you more endorsements and such.


endorsements: More endorsements like gatorade, nike, adidas, reebok, powerade, etc. Make money off of endorsements.


Make public appeaerances: Sign autographs, and whatever else. This would potentially boost your fan support.


last thing: press conferences : Need to be more realistic. Also should happen after trades, rersigning, signing with new team.


Mid game interviews as well.


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