Split MyCAREER in a single and multiplayer mode

This year MyPlayer builder has a lot of limitations, and you're only able to create specialized players with the pie charts; you are allowed to create a Steph Curry-class shooter but with a F level defense. MyCAREER should have a single player (mainly offline) mode where you were allowed to create a player without any limitation on attributes or physical features; a Magic Johnson, LeBron or KD type of player, or what is infamously called, a "Demigod". Since it would be a single player mode, you obviously wouldn't be able to access to any multiplayer feature, but you should still be able to grind VC in order to improve your player. Demigods on a single player mode won't bother anyone, because you'll be playing only against the CPU.


On the other hand for the online MyCAREER mode, the current 2K20 MyPlayer Builder fits perfectly, because with those limitations on the creation process, players will compete to see who has the best build despite those mentioned limitations.


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