Spike lee joint 2

You should make a spike lee joint 2 you should be able to pick your friends and wife and for every action there’s a reaction so in you pick this person to be your friend you get noticed more if you pick this wife she’s a gold digger like real life scenarios


Instead of choosing your archetypes you should be able to play highshool ball and college ball and how ever you play that will be your archetype and be able to build your weak skills up because that’s what real basketball players do


When you get endorsements you should get billboards commercials get to pick what the theme is if you want someone to be in it


Shoe deal who ever you sign with you should be able to make more than 1 shoe Like for example the Dj 1s if they are popular you should be able to make a Dj 2 or 3 and as far as creating the shoe you should have some assistance cause it’s hard to try to make your own shoe like for example if I want the bottom of my shoe like a Nike air max look you should have suggestions on how to create your shoe


In 2k19 make more real like a real life basketball player on the court off the court you should be able to mess up because basketball players do you should be able to push players yell at the ref complain to the ref yell at players just like real life and 2k19 will be the best 2k ever


You should be able to get criticized for your lack of play by teammates Stephen A Smith Skip Bayless and if you do something amazing you should get talked about all on tv like how nba live 18 did which was tough the career mode was tough but it’s nba live not 2k that’s why nobody plays it 😂😂


For 2k19 you should go universal boys and girls have the WNBA on 2k19 there’s a lot of girl hoopers they should get there own my career to and in return a lot more money will be made so it’s a win win


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