Social HotSpots in Parks

What's up it's your boy Stevie The Genius Jay Nah just Stevie Jay. I'm New to bringing my ideas over to 2k Because I'm new to the Neighborhood. Okay enough small talk I was playing 2k dominating the Neighborhood like usual RealStevieJay if you want smoke on PSN but anyways I was like I really like the realism 2k was going with this year but let's make it even more realistic by adding Social Hotspots around different parts of the park The Social hotspots will work like the old school voice lobbies somewhat but this will allow players to engage even more with newbies and all other Reps tiers it will make this game even more addictive for sure this 2k21 baby let's make it happen. I'm sure y'all can find away to tweak this idea a little.


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