Player Adjustments, Mycareer, and in game-gameplay

Please give more detailed hairstyles and more hairstyles like Flat-tops more detailed Afros, Mohawks,Wavy hair styles,and low top fades.Please keep the SIG. skills butadd new dunks in the game such as more free throw line dunks rather than the same boring AirJordan one add the Dr.j version or the Flight White version or a basic one hand free throw line dunk add longer and stronger dunks to the game.

In my career please allow your guy to have a life on and off the court please add homes,family,wife/husband,kids,and add profit to the sells the player gets for the kicks that was created by whatever brand they signed for. Please allow your player to attend practices and show him or her hanging with the teams staff and players on and off the court make the game have an actual MYCAREER or MYLIFE which can be the new name for it. please let us do warmup jumpers and dunks pre-game at the stadium with the team. please give us a pre-game,halftime,and post game interviews/conferences to give a more realistic more celebrities in the stands rather than just one. please add a halftime show like in 2k10 or 2k7(i forget which one).Please allow your player to have different voices add accents,pitches,and dialect depending on the area given. Also in Mycareer please let it start off during march madness and show the prospects going into the draft with you that year. Add real estate when looking for housing if you do add the MYLIFE thing.

In game i would love to see better emotion animations like add technicals,ejections,flagrants,and all that good stuff. please allow arguments that player vs player, player vs referee, or coach vs referee to make this alot more realistic. also fights can be ok i would like to see pushing and shoving and all the players and staff trying to break it all up that would be beautiful to see.also in game please make it actually possible to stop the offense because people dunked on my players and the would literally slide back and they would get dunked on and also in mycareer your teammates literally dont try to stop the offense in fastbreak or fast plays please adjust this 2k please.also the coaches should be given more audiotory speeches during timeouts and allow the players to interact more with the coach.PLEASE MAKE THIS TRUE 2KSPORTS PLEASE


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