New version of All-Star Team Up

Hey 2KW,


I have been thinking a lot about a new type of game mode that would combine elements of MyCareer and MyTeam to revamp the All-Star Team Up game mode.


If you played in the 2k League Combine, you are familiar with the fact that they let you choose a position, then let you select 1 of 5 archtypes for that position. I would like to see a version of ASTU (All-Star Team Up) in which players would open packs like MyTeam to create a 3-5 player arsenal per position. Like the combine you would search for a game that got one of each position per team. Once the players are accumulated, each team lets one player choose one of his/her 3-5 arsenal players at a time until the teams are filled.


For example, through communication the "away" team let their SG choose his 95 OVR Jordan card first. The "home" team decides to let their SF choose his 96 OVR Lebron because theyve found that was their best available player. Away team selects a Pippen card to combo with Jordan, and the Home team may luckily have a nice SG defender like Tony Allen to slow down Jordan. Both teams continue picking to make the best team they can with their arsenals, while trying to counter the team being picked across from them as well.


I think the dynamics of these cards could get to complex levels by using elements already present in MyTeam like teammate synergy, as well as adding new dynamics. For example, I think drawing a rare 78 OVR Rookie Kobe, that can progress through gameplay like MyCareer, into a better version of Kobe would be awesome. You could also equip the card with a choice of whether you want that Kobe card to become a slashing specialist, defensive specialist, or post-scoring specialist as you progress.


I've put a lot of thought into this idea, and am not sure exactly what information 2K would even find useful. I would be happy to elaborate or provide any more depth to this idea if anyone at 2K thinks this a good idea, and/or feasible to create.


Thanks for the platform to submit ideas, I just hope it gets into the right hands and I can play this game mode in my lifetime. I love me some 2K, I just think MyCareer has gotten away from using real NBA players a little too much, and I would like to bring a mode that has the feel of Pro-am, but real NBA players.


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