Just one more fun and simple stat to add to the game. Track number of dunks a player has. This is a stat that is tracked now. See web link to see today's NBA leaders:




Categories could be: dunks per game, total dunks per season, total dunks per career (playoff game, playoff career, etc).


If added, add this for players in association mode and my player BOTH. My player is very popular, but not everyone plays it (although most do, I get it).


This would be one more fun thing to try and do in games and have a "reward" for it by tracking the top 25 or top 50 in league that dunk.


If this is added, it would also be cool to track the "dunk intensity" of each dunk a player does. It already rates this in NBA 2k13, so now just track it. Would be fun to see who has the highest dunk intensity average per season....


Just some ideas :)



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