" NBA D-League " mode in NBA 2K13

The D-League is no longer a side show for has-beens and young meat but a prominent league that has generated jobs for plenty serviceable players currently in the majors to this date.


2k should alleviate the " Season/Playoffs " stand-alone mode and integrate the " NBA D-League " mode for 2k13. They now have commentary, televised games (NBATV) and a budding fan base that actually mimic some university atmospheres which in turn makes the games more enjoyable.


2k should allow the user an opportunity to create a player and have him work for a spot or be placed on an NBA roster manually.


This mode should carry over in " Association " & " My Player " whereas teams utilize the " Call Up/Send Down " system and actually bring life to this league ala NBA.


Real player rosters, Awards, Coaches, Stats, Drills, Practice etc. are mandatory for this league no more silent games.


Make this league a viable option of development for users and give them the ability to fully utilize the D-League for it's primary purpose...making players better.


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Idea No. 148