NBA 2k16 Wishlist (Best Ideas)

Every year 2k surprises me! I am impressed by how much they listen to their fans opinion! I can go on for hours about how I wish they would make a NCAA my player mode which would allow us to play in college and draft him to the NBA but I doubt that would happen (though it would be greatttt I doubt they could get the license for it). So, I guess I will just use what they have and tell them how to make it better.


First let's talk about what I don't want to see!!


• I hear people saying that they want the D-League to come back. As an active NBA 2k gamer I think that is boringgggggggggggg.


• The story plot last year (2k15) was interesting but as I got to the 3-4 year the scenes stopped coming. It got boring after a while, I think they should focus on those years and not just the first year


• I don't feel as if 2k should get get rid of VC points, it all makes sense


• I dont want to be able to walk around, and drive cars to the arena.. Thats too much like GTA. if you're looking for that feature go play that game, this is not NBA Ballers lol


Okay to make it better I think we need this...




• when my "my player" becomes a superstar, I want to FEEL like a superstar!! I want the crowd to hold up BIG HEADS of my "my player" the same as they do for Lebron, Harden, Curry"


• when my "my player" get an MVP award I want to feel like an MVP, hold up more signs, chant my name, everytime I touch the ball chant MVP


• The crowd Has to be more energetic with the scenario! There's no reason why when I hit the game winning shot the crowds sitting down, they need to be rowdy!


• When the playoff comes, the atmosphere should be completely different!! The crowd is more rowdy, they hold up more signs and they dress up for the playoffs! The playoffs should not feel like a regular season game


• it may be a stretch but we should have celebrities sitting court side! Especially if Lebron is in town, or Harden (Big Names)... Like Jay z should be at the nets games.. Usher at Cleveland games... Spike lee at Knicks games.... This is not toooo important but 2k is all about bringing the true NBA experience.... Last example, in 2k14 Justin beiber tweeted me something like "see you next time youre facing LA" so when my "my player" plays The Lakers or Clippers, beiber should be there..... I think the celebrities should come out ONCE YOU MAKE A NAME FOR YOURSELF!


• we definitely need the fans to hold up more signs!! Every year you should atleast add 20 new ones... Fans are serious about basketball! This sport is nothing without the fans... 2k really needs to put more emphasis on the fans... They make the game exciting




• the dunk contest is wayyyy too hard... NBA LIVE Had the easiest dunk contest! I'm not sure on how to make it easier, but it's definitely not user friendly


• they should add more events (such as the Skills contest and H-O-R-S-E)




• I think the draftees are too generic, they move like generic players, they shot too generic, they should just be loose like my "my player"


• I'm sure it takes time but they have to make the draftees look more like real players.


• there should be more hype around lottery picks, there's no true excitement! My team went 12-70, we have the #1 draft pick, my "my player" is the centerpiece, I want to know more about WHO they're planning on drafting to team up with me




• More endorsements

• More commercials

• more magazines

• we should be able to actually customize our own logo when creating Sneakers (maybe based off of our Jumpshot or signature dunk)... We should be able to have our signature on our sneakers along with our jersey number


• there should be more pride in creating a shoe. Fans and player should wear our sneakers. The more people that purchase them, the more VC points we're rewarded




• We should be able to create a team

(Customize jerseys, arenas, etc)




• I love how when you first come into the NBA you have 3-4 interviewers asking you questions....BUT WHEN YOURE A SUPERSTAR??? Cmonnnnnn that room should be FULL of interviewers




• I love how shaq talks at the beginning of Exhibition games, they should bring that feature to "my player"... Shaq should talk about my "my player" and maybe talk about what he's doing right, or wrong and about how my team as a whole is doing


• we should be able to select the jersey that we want to wear before the




• 2K should get rid of Nicknames, they suck! What's the point of selecting a name that's programmed in the game, and they don't address me by that name... Who wants to be called "baller" or "D" or "The Big Show"


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